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Our Favorite Interview Questions

From the desks of our Recruiters: Tim Weichselbaum and Rikki Latta

Tim and I (Rikki) are pumped to produce our first we decided to do it together! But first, who are we? Tim and I are recruiters at and have a combined recruiting experience of nearly a decade! I work on a variety roles -  Interns to Team Lead roles in our Technology department. While Tim primarily focuses on IT/Tech roles.

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What we love about recruiting is that we get to know YOU - the candidate. We love hearing your stories, background, and career goals while guiding you through our recruiting process. We are the recruiters that stick by your side throughout the entire journey (lucky you!). Enough about us...We are going to let you into a few of our favorite interview questions and the “why” behind the question! Let’s get started with a few of mine:

Rikki: What do you want to be when you grow up?

WHY: This is my favorite question for two reasons. One, I want to see your reaction. Does the question seem silly to you? Or are you able to loosen up in your interview with an easy question? Second, I look to see whether you have an idea of what the “end goal” or the “dream job” is for yourself. And does this role help you get to where you’d like to go? If it doesn’t align, how can we work together to get you in the right role to work towards that dream job?

Rikki: Tell me about the latest feedback you received from your manager? What actions did you take to correct it?

WHY: I love this question(s)!! This question gives me and/or the hiring manager insight into your self-awareness. Are you aware of areas of improvement and can you articulate that to us? The key to this question is see whether you’re able to recall a time your manager gave you feedback, tell us what it was and what did you do to improve on that feedback afterwards. The last part is often missed while in an interview: the solution/result of after the feedback. This question gives you the time to showcase that you’re receptive to feedback and will act on feedback given. Showcasing you are coachable will win you major brownie points!

Now, let's see what Tim has to say about all of this: 

Tim’s Question: If I were to make you an offer right now, and I can grant you any three promises in your offer, what would they be?

WHY: I ask this question as a way of finding out what's truly important to people without asking them directly: “what is important to you in a job?”. When asked directly people typically give you the pre-canned common interview answer. In my experience, this question seeks out the truth from people.    

Tim’s Question: Tell me about a time that you were so passionate about something you lost track of time?

WHY: This is not a trick question! As a candidate, this is your time to share what your true passions are in life - whether that be personal or professional. Your passions do not have to associated with the organization you’re interviewing with. Having a passion is one of the driving forces behind successful and happy individuals. Our passions allow us all to live better lives. If you are not passionate about something, you are probably not adding to the company's goals.

Tim’s Question: Tell me about a time you helped a colleague knowing that it would benefit them, or they would get recognition and that you would reap zero benefit?

WHY: This question shows how much of a team player this person is. When you answer, it shows if you are selfless, and if you go above and beyond the scope of your work. It gives insight as to see if you could grow into a leadership role. If you are interviewing for a leadership role, your answer will showcase where the credit is given: to themselves as a leader or as a collective effort by the team. This question is one of my favorites all around as I gain insight into what type of associate you will be.

These are just a few of our favorite questions that give us, recruiters, a better insight into who YOU are as a person.

We’d love to hear about your favorite questions and why they are your favorites - whether you are asking them or have been asked in the past. We want to know!


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