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Build News - Summer Camp

Summer Camp as a kid was filled with smores, songs, learning and games. The smell of a campfire and telling ghost stories was the highlight of most summers. It was a time where you formed life long friendships and made memories you would never forget. This nostalgia is what inspired our very first Summer Camp six years ago!

Summer Camp started in 2013 from a couple of ideas. One, Buildies are smart and know a lot of unique things that we could teach each other, and two, kids shouldn't be the only ones who get to go off to fun camps during breaks from school. A small team formed together and created the first ever Summer Camp. Some Buildies became Camp Counselors and taught work related classes (BIRST, Excel, PPC, Brand Management, interviewing) paired with non-work related classes (homemade donuts, cake decorating, photography, perfume making). Not only is it a chance for us to learn from each other and increase our skills, but it is a time where we can meet different people from different departments that we normally did not interact with.


Summer Camp 2018 just ended for us and it was the best one yet. Shanna Lathrop, Training Specialist, or who we like to call “Summer Camp Director”, is the one responsible for it all. We had a chance to track Shanna down after camp clean up to get her take on what happened this year!

“Summer Camp was a great two weeks! It was awesome watching so many people come together to teach, learn, and have some fun. It’s always a lot of work to plan, but seeing it all come together on the first day of Summer Camp is a great feeling. It’s an honor to get to put this on. This year we had a lot of new people step up to teach. There were classes around learning what different departments do, tips and tricks for Gmail, creating a creative campaign, and of course, my favorite, making homemade donuts with Grams.”


Shanna organized 37 classes with a total of over 400 attendees, so we cannot let her be so modest. We even held a flag competition for teams to show their team spirit. The winner was the Returns Team, and they won a homemade ice cream class from our corner bakery!

This has been such a huge success over the years that we not only keep it going but we have added Winter Camp! This is a piece of our culture that promotes learning, collaboration and of course, being able to do what we did as kids, even just for a little bit! We cannot wait to see what next year’s Summer Camp will have in store for us!

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