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Build Careers Blog

Have you ever wished a company that you were interested in working for or learning more about had a place where you could see updates or useful information?

If you have, you’re not alone! If you haven’t, look at what you have been missing!

I am Alexandra, Senior Recruiter, and I am ecstatic to welcome you to the Build Careers Blog. This blog goes beyond the boring careers pages that everyone else has that we, of course, know and love. We are excited to have a place where we can share what makes Build unique and special to the people that work here. We will have three areas of focus:

  • Build News - Events, Breaking News, Build Gives Back
  • Build Spotlight - Employees, Departments, Hiring Managers
  • From the desk of our Recruiters - Advice, Random off the wall ideas, Culture

Build News will showcase what we have going on here throughout the year. We have so many events and programs that we are proud of that we want to share with everyone!

With our Build Spotlight, you will hear from current employees and what it is like to work here, to hiring managers telling you what they are looking for in their next employees. You might find your dream career that you didn't know existed!

Last, but not least and my favorite, From The Desk Of Our Recruiters. These posts will be all about what we can share to set people up for success with interviewing, researching, our process, and creative ideas to set yourself apart from the norm. 

We are here to inspire excitement, showcase our accomplishments and provide more transparency of who we are and what it is like to work for us! We have a lot share and looking forward to you reading!

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